General Fishing Report July 17, 2021


General Fishing Report for July 17, 2021

Hello out there anglers!  Rivers and streams in the area are in great shape and about to get another good dose of rain overnight.  Look for trout fishing to improve with the higher and stained flows, as was the case for the past couple of weather events.  Quite the change from the last couple of summers, and much appreciated. We've found that with increased flows, fish are happily out munching various offerings that are coming by.  Nothing in particular has stood out as a go-to pattern but some we've found success on the iron lotus, Walt's worm, smaller mayfly imitations  and frenchies/pheasant tails.  I've also had some luck with jig buggers in white, and surprisingly the smaller fish are taking that more readily than the larger fish.  If you find yourself fishing in some stained and clearing flows, don't be afraid to go more natural with your offerings, as all sorts of bugs are getting tossed around in the current.  Now a size 18 PT might not get any looks in a deep tea stained water, but as things settle out, it can be worth a few fish.  And as we head deeper into summer, smaller bugs are becoming more of the mainstay of nymphing trout. 

Although the Otter can be too warm for trout, the other species around are enjoying the increased flows.  Steve and I took out 4 beginners the other day and they had a blast catching Fallfish, Bass and Rock Bass for a couple of hours.  I also witnessed a solid 30" pike getting landed and talked to a few more anglers who did well on smallmouth.  We were not using anything special, just our trout nymphs, and changing the flies frequently seemed to get a few more takes.  

Hard to know if tomorrow (Sunday) will be blown out or not, depends on how much water the ground wants to soak up.    Streamers will be a great option for a couple of days as well.  And I am liking the overnight lows for next week, with a bit more rain.  It may keep much of the water cool for a good while.  I think nymphs and streamers will be the best bet for a few days, with some dry action as things settle out.  Couple things to keep in mind:  Structure and rocks will shift during higher flows, so wade safe.  Also, because of the recent warmth (past month or so) some fish may have done a seasonal migration to find optimal (or better) conditions. I'm a big fan of finding some moving and well oxygenated water this time of year, even if the water has some stain to it. Never overlook the lower gradient stuff, as the wild fish are troopers and can survive in less optimal conditions than maybe we think. 

Stopped into the shop today, and it looks great as always.  Fly bins are well stocked and lots of terminal tackle for your needs.  I've also been meaning to mention about a podcast that I've been listening to that some of you might enjoy. BENT is not a fly-fishing podcast but fishing in general and it's always been a good listen and some good chuckles or two.  Check it out if you have the time.  Feel free to send me a line with any questions, thoughts or good days  It's nice to hear from people; I enjoy writing these and its always nice to hear from those that read it.  Thanks!  Good luck out there, stay safe as we creep towards August!  Cheers,



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Greetings out there anglers! As we turn the corner to September, we’ve got some very similar conditions out on the local rivers. Otter tributaries are low and clear, and although this morning was chilly, it looks like we have a bit more heat and humidity to deal with in the coming days. I was able to get out on the Middlebury River this morning and found a cool 62 degree water temperature in East Middlebury and was able to pick up a few fish from the faster pocket water in that stretch. Most fish came on size 14-16 frenchies.


Greetings out there anglers! Trout fishing continues to be mostly weather dependent, with cooler mornings and after rain events getting the most action. Who knows, we may have left the majority of the heat and humidity behind us with this last bout storms that rolled through. At least for this coming week, the nighttime lows are looking good, so it is a possibility that some more water could be fishable in the mornings. Please do take temperatures before you start fishing. It seems that most folks are still pickling up fish on nymphs, mostly in sizes 14-16 and of the mayfly variety.