General Fishing Report October 17, 2023

General Fishing Report for October 17, 2023

Trout fishing is still good out there, although some fish are starting to make the trek towards the slow side of the current seams.  Nymphs are still producing, with some small tan caddis and Blue Winged Olives hatching (mostly on cloudy days, when the air temp warms a bit).

More importantly, we should be really on the watch for spawning browns and Brook trout.  There are fish paired up and actively spawning on our local Otter tributaries. The future of our wild trout fishery depends on the survival of those little ones!  Typically those spawning pairs are not interested in flies anyway, and then also need some time to recover before serious feeding begins again.  By recognizing redds and spawning areas, we can choose to fish on different water types to avoid putting any undue stress on these fish. 

Weather looks good for the rest of the week, with a shot of rain on Saturday and then some more decent temps after a short cool down.  As the water cools, fish will continue to take up residence in some slower seams, and eventually deeper runs that offer protection.  Plenty of anglers out there last weekend, so keep that in mind when setting out.  With most local streams open to year round fishing, getting that last lick on a favorite stream isn’t necessary.  Imagine with more hunting seasons getting going and cooler temps, fishing pressure will susbside accordingly.

good luck out there, stay safe when walking around and enjoy your streams before they freeze up!