General Fishing Report May 9th, 2022


RIVER CONDITIONS:  Water levels are in very good shape and will continue to drop and warm over the week.  The warm weather the next few days should push water temps into optimal fishing temps, though without rain the clarity may make for some challenges in the high sun.  It looks like the Otter in Middlebury will be below 1000cfs which is a rarity during the OCC.  This should open allot more good  fishing options for the event. 

FISHING REPORT: As we hoped for with these later dates, the fishing is only getting better.  We are in the full bug swing now with hatches started.  Paraleps(#16-20), Hendricksons (#14-16), Blue Wings(#16-20), Grannom Caddis(#14-18) and likely a few other to pop with the warmer weather including Sallies(#16-20), March Browns (#12-14), Cahills(#14-16) and assorted Caddis and Baetis.  It’s likely to see fish start to shift from winter holding water into riffles and pockets to meet these drifting and emerging insects, but migrating back for high mid-day sun or at night.  The Otter and White will should have good hatches and wading by this weekend.  

FLIES:  With so much food to choose from a well stocked fly box will be your friend throughout the weekend.  It isn’t uncommon for fish to switch between bugs throughout the day depending how the bugs are moving or emerging.  Its still hard to beat stonefly nymphs on our freestone rivers through out the area.  Iterations of pheasant tails and hare’s ear nymphs are great profile nymphs for this time of the year.  This make solid imitations of the larger mayflies listed above and in smaller sizes work great and blue quills, bluewings and other baetis.  Streamer fishing may still be effect in the morning, or to wake fish from the mid-day slumber.  If we get some rain throughout the weekend, and elevated water column may offer very good streamer fishing.  I would also have some awareness of a few hatches and dryflies.  Blue Quills and Hendrickson duns like a sunny afternoon to hatch an da solid hatch can bring some sizeable fish to the surface.