General Fishing Report July 10, 2020


General Fishing Report for July 10, 2020

Hello out there!  I trust that everyone is having an enjoyable, safely distanced summer.  Conditions out there right now, especially on the trout streams are tough with the lack of rain and heat, but the outlook for the weekend might change that!  We are still looking at some warm days and nights for the next couple days, but a healthy shot of rain should really help the rivers out (and my garden!). Heat wave not withstanding, we have been getting trout for clients and ourselves over the past week or so. Focusing on cooler stretches of the local rivers has been the ticket.  And within those stretches, fishing the riffles and fast water is where we are finding fish.  Without saying, your stream thermometer should be getting a work out right now.  As a friendly reminder, for trout, if you plan releasing the fish, please do so at 70 degrees or less.  Even with temps in the higher 60's, you should be playing and releasing the fish as quickly as possible. Craig has found success with clients using dry/ dropper and tight line techniques.  A good bushy, good floating dry is super helpful for the fast water.  Yellow/gold stimulators were working for him, along with a good powdered floatant helped keep the dry floating through the faster water.  Droppers and nymphs that have been seeing action have been small Walts Worms and small Perdigons. I'll add to that list and include the zebra midge in black and red and small mayfly imitations.  Apart from the Walts Worms all these bugs have similar properties: slim bodied, very few appendages to slow their sink rate and correct size for this time of year.  By small we are talking sizes 16-22. 

Lake Champlain fishing has been solid.  Min has been targeting carp and bass, finding success on both fronts.  I did some fishing while on vacation up north on the Lake and found some smallies, and had some shots at carp and bowfin.  I was having smallie action on poppers and baitfish imitations.  Carp flies are a bit more varied; small crayfish patterns, larger nymph patterns (think Hexagenia and dragonfly or damselfly), and yes even the Mop.  Super spooky fish but a hell of a battle on fly gear.  

Looking forward, apart from rain/high water events, keep your trout nymph selection on the smaller end of the spectrum.  If you do happen to get out in some higher flows, you can get away with larger nymphs and streamers and also more of the 'junk' flies (mops, worms, etc.).  A larger stone as a point fly works well for me during higher flows during this time of year.  Stealth and lighter tippets are keys when the flows are low and clear.   Also look for areas that can provide some cover and shade during sunny days.  Terrestrials are coming onto the menu as well.  Ants, beetles, inch worms, hoppers.  Overhanging trees= shade, cover and terrestrials. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any thoughts or questions. Thanks to all of you that have been supporting the shop over the last few months.  Despite Main Street closing next week and kids camps rolling, the shop is still open.  Feel free to call and check on hours or the availability of your needs.  (802)388-7245. Stay safe out there folks, Happy Summer!