General Fishing Report July 1, 2023


General Fishing Report for July 1 2023.

Conditions on our local trout rivers have been helped immensely by recent rains.  Not only does this allow the fish to spread out a bit and have access to lots of food, but regular rain events help keep the water cool.  However, do the fish a favor and keep taking those water temperatures.  Mornings have been the coolest, no surprise there.  Future forecast looks to be similar, warm days, but with showers and thunderstorms, perhaps a bit cooler towards next weekend. 

With the increased flows, fish have been eating heavily.  Streamers, nymphs and dries when the water clears up.  Articulated streamers on the smaller end 4-5” have been working and it seems that most any nymph fished well has been getting eats.  Some of the bigger bugs, stones and such, are more popular when the water is up and off and then back to smaller sized offerings in sizes 12-18. Flies like Duracells, smaller princes, both standard and Batman, Iron Lotus, Frenchie (standard and thread) and on the smaller range some Perdigon patterns (like Gasolina and Plivas) are getting looks. With current conditions, it pays to switch it up, as increased flows tend to knock many insects loose and into the drift.  As opposed to more stable flows where fish tend to key in on a smaller number of insects, usually the ones that are hatching.  Dry/dropper fishing has been fun of late as well.  I was on a small trib the other day and had consistent action for the hour and half that I was on it.  Front end loader caddis and small Perdigons were the ticket, probably 50/50 up top to underneath. 

Couple of other things tactic-wise to think about given the current conditions:  with increased flows, the fish are going to use more of a particular run or pocket, either to get out of the heavy flows, or for prime feeding areas.  Work the whole area back to front, near to far.  This will allow you shots are many more fish and not send fish spooking before you’ve had a chance to fish the majority of the run.  If you are nymphing, several fly changes might be needed as well to cover all the water depths in a given run.  One solution is to rig two rods, one for dry/dropper and one for tight line, with the dry/dropper covering up top and mid column and the regular tight line set up for deeper scenarios. If you’ve just got the tight line set-up, tie the dry on your tag, with a weighted nymph on point.  The weighted nymph will allow for an easier cast and also allow you to fish a different level in the column. 

I haven’t seen a ton of bugs hatching right now, but that seems pretty typical as we slide into summer.  Yellow and green stones in the mid to upper reaches of local Otter tribs, still an occasional bigger stone and I have at this time of year seen a medium sized golden stone in the pocket water areas of the tribs.  Something like 12-14 in size.  Generic confidence patterns can go a long way, but be sure and size down if rain events become less frequent and water gets low and clear.  

Feel free to check in with Steve at the shop or drop me an e-mail with any questions, comments or concerns.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.  Good luck on the water if you get out.