General Fishing Report 8/22/2021


General Fishing Report 08/22/2021

Hello out there folks!  Hope you are all enjoying summer.  With the recent rains and cooler temps (with more on the way) our local stream and river dwellers have been enjoying it as well.  Just a reminder that you should be consistently checking water temps if you are planning to catch and release trout.  Temps have been all over the map the last week, from some upper 50's after the cool nights last weekend to 70 and above right now.  The rain on Thursday was welcome, but didn't cool the rivers off too much before this current round of heat and humidity. 

Despite the varying weather, the trout streams have been productive given favorable conditions.  Cloud cover and stain is yielding some good fishing. Hot weather and bright sun makes things a lot tougher.  Fly selection has been varied as well.  We've been having most success changing offerings more frequently.  Some nymphs that have worked this past week have been; Blow torches, Sexy Walts worms, jig buggers and smaller PT's and other smaller mayfly imitations.  Brookies have been crushing dries of all various shapes and sizes.  I usually just pick one that I can pick up easily on the broken water, and one that also can hold up a beaded dropper.  One thing to take note of on dry fly sizing with the brookies is that if you are getting some splashy rises or refusals to the offering, try dropping down a size (or 2) in your fly selection.  Also take note that most grassy patches have some sort of grasshopper in it right now.  Nothing more exciting that slapping down a hopper in some fast water and getting an explosive take!  I tried out some of the shop's micro Chubbys the other day.  Plenty visible and enough foam and synthetic hair to float a nymph as well.  It did still require some treatment by drying and applying a powdered floatant. I've also been seeing a bunch of flying ants around the last week or two.  If these get on the water in any number, most fish are going to give them a solid look and most times, commence to strap on the feed bag.  I have been seeing a few sizes, from 14's down to 20's or 22's.  Interested in leaving the trout alone in the heat? Great!  The Otter in certain sections can provide almost non-stop action with smallies and Fallfish.  I had some beginners out yesterday and it was just what they needed to put everything together from making a good cast, getting a good drift, hookset, fight and land! 

One thing to take note of is that the Lower Middlebury, from basically route 7 down stream has been getting a bit more stain after rain events.  I'm guessing this is from all the disturbance that is associated with the Flood Mitigation measures that are taking place along the river in East Middlebury.  If you haven't done so, check out the Town of Middlebury's website, where you'll find some excellent info (with up to date pictures) on the scope of the project and progress reports.  Very well engineered work, that continues the response from Irene, 10 years ago.  

Steve has some more quality product coming into the store for the fall season.  Fly selection and terminal tackle are strong, as well as rods, waders and packs.  We've been booking guided trips pretty fast and furious, so if you are thinking about a trip, don't hesitate. Thanks for reading the report and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line or call in to the shop.